The Great Consistency Challenge of 2023

We proudly present to you, the Great Consistency Challenge of 2023.

It’s simple.

We challenge you to attend 208 group classes at Rushmore CrossFit in 2023. 

Why? Because consistency matters. A simple daily effort with solid overall effort will make one of the largest lasting impacts on your long-term fitness and health.

Here’s how it works.

Go to class. (Yes. It’s that simple)

Sign-up in your RCF Member App. We’ll tally your progress throughout the year and let you know if you’re on track in the newsletter. 

All group classes on the schedule count. Open Gym, workouts done at home, a hike – they don’t count. Don’t even ask. Sorry, not sorry. 

What happens if you do hit that 208 mark?

We’re glad you asked.

For all of you who earn that magical number of 208 – we’ll enter you to win your 2024 membership fees. That’s right, we’ll draw ONE name from the pool of folks that hit 208. If your name is selected you your membership in 2024 will be FREE!

Here’s how to play:

  1. Go to class.

How to Be Successful

We also recommend that you spend some time thinking about how you can be successful. Maybe it’s adding a 6:00am class to the schedule on the day you have a jam packed work day. Maybe it’s making Saturday group class part of your weekly schedule. Or maybe it’s blocking off your attendance schedule in your weekly calendar so it doesn’t get the short end of the stick. Maybe it’s making the effort to go to class on the day you leave for vacation and the first day you’re back. And maybe, it’s a good idea to find an attendance buddy.

Fine Print

Don’t cheat. We don’t really know how you would cheat, or why, but just don’t do it.

DO NOT come to class 2x in the same day, you will be disqualifed from the entire challenge.

The winner will receive a free membership for the year 2024. Winnings/Membership is not transferrable and has no cash value.  It is the responsibility of the member to ensure accurate class attendance records.