Austin Kaul

  • CF-L1
  • CPR/AED Certified


CrossFit is truly the shortest path to any person’s wellness and fitness goals no matter what they may be. Since I have begun my CrossFit journey and met my workout family, I can say there has never been a workout that I have gone home regretting going to.  I grew up as a multi-sport athlete in High School which is how I found I enjoyed generic weightlifting. Well into my college years I continued weightlifting but stopped exercising in any cardiovascular capacity. Pushing through my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at South Dakota School of Mines here in Rapid City and moving on to a graduate degree, my wife Halley and I decided to try out CrossFit. The fall of 2018 is when my CrossFit life started, and I can forever say it will be a part of my life. In less than a year of starting CrossFit I decided to become a Trainer at Rushmore CrossFit which in and of itself shows how much I love CrossFit and the family it builds. As a coach I hope to facilitate every athlete’s goals who come to Rushmore CrossFit looking for great workouts, self-betterment, and an enjoyable and fun fitness family.