Colter Dunagan

  • CF-L2 Trainer
  • Level 1 USAW Certified Sports Performance Coach
  • Special Olympics entry level powerlifting coach
  • Olympic Weightlifting Nerd
  • Head Coach and Programmer


I started my CrossFit journey when I was close to 300lbs and super stressed out by life. I was a college student with kids working while completing a physics degree at SDSMT. Fast forward 3 years; I’m down 100lbs and I’m still pretty stressed out about school, although this is my last semester before grad school. However, I now have a much more positive outlook on life and a much better tool to deal with the stress. A lot has happened in the 3 years since I started CrossFit, not all of it good, but the good thing is that CrossFit and the amazing community that is created in a CrossFit gym has been there to support me and give me an awesome way to put the fun back in my life. I started coaching because I loved the positive influence my coaches had on me and I wanted to do that for other people. I have been coaching for a year and a half now and love every aspect of it. At some point in my CrossFit career I fell in love with the technical aspects and athleticism of Olympic weightlifting. It has become one of my passions in life, and this last summer I got certified by USAW as an olympic weightlifting coach so I could help other people become better weightlifters. Somehow, I talked Rushmore CrossFit into letting me have my own class twice a week to let members work on weightlifting, which has turned into the infamous barbell class. Last spring I realized another lifelong goal and got involved with Special Olympics as the powerlifting coach for the Rapid City Flame. I continue to work with these athletes every Friday and it’s always one of the best parts of my week. CrossFit has been a wonderful and life-changing experience for me and as I coach I hope to bring that same experience to every one of the athletes I coach.