Traie Roberson

  • CF-L2 Trainer
  • CF-Kids Trainer
  • CF-Masters Athlete Trainer
  • CF-Aerobic Capacity Trainer
  • Mobility Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified


Here’s the short story: I started CrossFit in 2012, I walked into CrossFit Spearfish weighing over 200 pounds, I couldn’t lift a 15 pound bar over my head and could barely jump rope. I shed the extra weight very quickly with a combination of CrossFit and changing how I ate. I loved how empowering lifting weights and finishing a tough WOD felt, I was addicted. Fast forward 3 years, I moved to Rapid City and found a great box and built some great friendships. The opportunity arose to become an owner at Rushmore CrossFit and I seized it. My goal is to make fitness fun for everyone, help members accomplish their goals and achieve new personal records and build a positive and encouraging community. If you every want the long story, come and talk to me. CrossFit truly changed my life and we can help change yours too.