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In this one-hour group class, you’ll be joined by a supportive community and guided by a top-notch coach from start to finish through a session that includes a warm-up, workout and cool-down. You’ll learn functional movements—a mixture of cardiovascular, weightlifting and body-weight exercises that improve day-to-day life—designed to take your fitness to the next level, whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or keep up with your grandkids.

Barbell Class

The Olympic lifts are great for training speed, power and flexibility, but they’re also among the most challenging movements in CrossFit. In this one-hour group class, you’ll build strength and refine your weightlifting technique with the help of a USAW-certified coach. The class focuses on the snatch, clean and jerk [BS1] and squat, varying between strength-building and technique-development cycles that can be adapted for the experienced lifter and the newbie alike.


In this one-hour group yoga session—offered twice a week and for all fitness levels—you’ll build strength, flexibility and balance while practicing mindfulness and tranquility. In Tuesday’s flow-sequence class, you’ll build energy with revitalizing standing and balancing poses. On Thursdays, you’ll increase flexibility while releasing muscle tension and soreness with static yin/restorative poses.

Personal Coaching

Looking for an even more customized experience? In our one-on-one personal-training sessions, you’ll set your own training schedule and receive direct, individualized instruction tailored to your goals and fitness level.


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