Member Since: March 2015

Occupation: Registered Nurse, working in the ER

Age: 41

Favorite Quote: Life without ups and down…means you’re dead

Favorite: Movie: The Blind Side

Favorite Music: Enjoy all music

Favorite: Food: Asian, BBQ

Favorite WOD: Can’t really say that I have a favorite


Personal: Always put my marriage first, teach my children to be good human beings, keep life fun and never stop laughing.

Professional: I just started Grad School, I’m looking forward to being done and starting a new chapter in life as a Nurse Practitioner.

CrossFit: Keep myself injury free and always make it fun

Achievements: my children! I have 3 amazing kids, my biggest goal in life is that my children are smart, happy and healthy. My son is 22, in college working on becoming a Doctor. My oldest daughter is 17, already graduate high school and will be heading to college in CO this summer. My baby girl is 12, a 7th grader and busy being a pre-teen. I am so proud!

Hobbies and Interests: Wake Surfing, Stand up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Dance

Something we don’t know about you: I have cabin at Angustora that I like to call “my little slice of heaven” I spend as much time as I can there in the summer and encourage all my friends to come play. You never need an invitation just wear your party pants!

Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit: Do it!! I was terrified because I was so out of shape and overweight and so thankful I did.