When and how did you get started with RCF : I started on Dec 1, 2015. A good friend of mine is very involved with CrossFit in FL. He and I had done TKD together and he thought I should give it a try and I wanted something new and different as I had done TKD for almost 30 years. I called RCF after I saw the box on my way home. I left several messages for Chris and he called me back, I attended a class in Nov to check it out, I could barely climb the stairs to my house after that workout so I knew this was for me!

Occupation: General Manager, AAction Movers, United Van Lines Agent

Age: 57

Favorite WOD:  I really don’t have it narrowed down to one as I have told myself I am not going to cherry pick work outs so I try to do them all. I do however like the ones that include sit ups and even rowing.

Favorite Movie : Last of the Mohicans

Favorite Food: 
 Mexican food

Goals (personal, professional, and CrossFit):

Personal:  Being a good husband, dad, raising good kids

 I reached my goal of ownership, management, and continue to be a professional for my company and customers. I also wanted to be a bigger part of Rapid so I joined the Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy.

CrossFit:  Keeping myself physically fit and getting better at the workouts and things I have not done for years, or ever.

What time do you usually attend and what’s the best part about working out with that group; I am a nooner. The core group at noon are just good people, they are competitive, friendly, supportive, and they all have strengths and weaknesses and work hard.

What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab? Smiley face

What’s the first CD you ever bought ; Meatloaf or Bruce Springsteen

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?  Moving contractors for our Denver office

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? Magenta, I have always loved that color.

What is something we don’t know about you? I don’t read a lot of instructions, I try to figure things out on my own.

Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit:  Everyone has aches and pains, injuries, or reasons not to workout but don’t let the image of people throwing themselves up over a bar on muscle ups or doing 450 lb deadlifts stop you from joining. I was not sure what to expect but had seen CrossFit on tv and of course had a preconceived notion of what CrossFit was all about and I was not sure I could do it. When I did that first workout and saw the help and camaraderie from the coaches and group and that there were typically scales that can be applied I knew this workout was for me. You do not have to be the epitome of fitness but these workouts will help you get better and hopefully live longer!