AOM_Hansens-4This month’s Athlete of the Month’s, is really Athlete’s of the Month. Ryan and Melissa have been here since the day Rushmore CrossFit opened.

Ryan and Melissa are always the first to introduce and welcome new faces, they are always so supportive and encouraging to everyone who walk in the door. Over the last 2 years we’ve watched Henry and Frankie grow up at the gym, as well as see Melissa workout through her pregnancy with Winnie, and see her turn 1 last month. Henry and Frankie are now in CrossFit Kids, and Winnie won’t be too far behind! We think the Hansen’s truly live by their favorite quote, “Work Hard, Play Hard.”


Member Since:
The first day Rushmore CrossFit opened! Thanks Heather!

Ryan: Physical Therapist
Melissa: Stay at home mom plus a little work at Hansen PT

Age: both 34.

Favorite Quote:
Hmmm… We both don’t really have one. I guess “work hard, play hard!”

Favorite: Movie:
Ryan: “The Departed”
Melissa: “Goonies”… Know about every line

Favorite Music:
Alternative rock, 80’s anything, rap when the kids aren’t in the car, really anything but country… But even that is growing on us.

Favorite Food:
Ryan: Melissa’s cooking
Melissa: avocados, rice

Favorite WOD:
Filthy Fifty


Ryan: climb and travel more
Melissa: Eat cleaner- envious of all of you that have that figured out. Also to get to know God better each day through his words.

Ryan: balancing all of his hobbies with work and family. He keeps busy!

Keep having fun while staying in shape and injury free.

Best achievements are our 3 kids Henry, Frankie, and Gwendolyn. We feel very blessed.

Hobbies and Interests:
Snow skiing/boarding, rock climbing, golfing, hiking, mountain biking, biking with kids, reading
Melissa: all of above plus organizing, cleaning, decorating/designing, and yard work (I know I am a little atypical here)

Something we don’t know about you:
Ryan and I met at SDSU our sophomore year the first week of school… But I knew of Ryan Hansen in grade school because whenever Pierre would play Rapid City in traveling team basketball tournaments, my friends would say they thought Ryan was “hot” and had “nice calves”. Those calves didn’t let me down 10 years later.

Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit:
The family is worth it alone. Such great people that you will become so close to!