When and how did you get started with RCF: February 2017. Melissa
(My sister in-law) was always telling me that I’d love CrossFit. I
hadn’t been working out since having kids so I needed to do
something for my health. Plus, my boys were clobbering me when
we’d wrestle, they were only 2 & 4 so I thought I better hit the
Occupation: West River Rep for the South Dakota Retailers
Age: 37
Favorite WOD: I like Chippers
Favorite Movie: This time of year…… Chevy Chase National
Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!
Favorite Food: I love to eat!!!! Popcorn with Butter!!!
Goals (personal, professional, and CrossFit):
Personal: I always want to be a tidier person; my closet is out of
control! I would also love to get back into doing triathlons again.
Professional: I would love to connect with every business owner
West River and when I call the business owner says…..” I’m glad
you called, I’d love to join the Association! I love the mission of
SDRA and all the great things you guys are doing to keep this a
pro-business state!”
CrossFit: My goal with CrossFit is to be able to do all the
movements as prescribed without scaling the movement and then
work on my efficiency on the ones I can do. I would love to make
Snatches my favorite lift or something else like rowing that’s really
hard for me.
What time do you usually attend and what’s the best part about working
out with that group: I usually go to the noon or 3:30 class. Always a fun crew!
What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab? Upside down smile or
High 5!!!
What’s the first CD you ever bought– Not sure at all, probably “Jock
What’s the last thing you searched for on Google? What is a chipper?
You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and
why? Oh boy, I’d say that I would be the Kelly-green crayon. I
grew up a Lady Gov in Pierre and was a 3-sport athlete. It was
such a big part of my life growing up. I made lifelong friends with
teammates, coaches, parents, and competitors. I also learned
how to push myself and to be a competitor.
What is something we don’t know about you? I am having a
prophylactic double mastectomy in December. I have a genetic
mutation called BRCA2. This preventive surgery will greatly
reduce my risk of having cancer. AND I also tried out for the Trail
Blazers Dance team when I lived in Portland.
Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit: Take it
easy on yourself. (Says the girl who had a full on adult tantrum my
first week in class) Seriously though, these movements take time
to learn. I would also say come and work out when the WOD
looks fun and come when the WOD has movements that you are
not comfortable doing. Go to different classes so that you can
work with all the coaches. The coaches are awesome!!! I always
learn something, even something little can make such a big
difference. When I started, my goal was to come 3-5 times a
week. Don’t feel intimidated, everyone has been there and are
rooting for you!!