1.) When we moved from OKC last July one of the first things on my “to do” list was to find a new crossfit gym. we tried the one that was close to our house but we weren’t impressed I found Rushmore’s Facebook page messaged you guys and was in the gym trying it out the next day, and thats where we stayed, guess you could say we were impressed:)
2.) I am a CAT scan technologist at the hospital.
3.) 26 years old.
4.) My favorite WOD is any thing that doesn’t involve running or double unders. I do enjoy the longer sometimes more intense WODs that you just have to keep grinding through, I feel like I always accomplished something at the end while dying in a heap on the floor.
5.) All of the Harry Potter movies.
6.) Is carbs in general a food??? 🙂 my go to though is pepperoni pizza.
7.) Personal goals are to eventually finish a masters degree in health care administration and my professional goals tie into that because I want to pursue upper management in an imaging department someday.
My crossfit goal is very simple achieve double unders……… and continue to always love coming to the gym.
8.) I am pretty non consistent on my gym times I seem to hit a few different classes every week, but most of the time I am usually at the 3:30 or 4:30 classes. It dosent matter if I am at the chatty noon class or the post work day 4:30 class each class is filled awesome people that most of the time make gym time one of the best parts of the day!
9.) my most frequently used emoji tab probably is the crying laughing guy followed by the poop emoji.
10.) I think it probably was Brtiney Spears baby one more time.
11.) what time dose Sams club close haha
12.)  if I based it off of my wardrobe I’d probably be some kind of gray tone, but I’d like to think of myself as happy bright orange or something along those lines..
13.)  I can be pretty bossy just ask my husband and family haha
14.) Drink the Kool Aid LOL!!! once you join Crossfit not only do you get a workout that is always different and never boring you become part of a culture and part of a gym family that helps push you every day to be better than you were yesterday!!