Lisa Buntrock Athlete Bio

29yr old
Member since:
Lifestyle Photographer
Words to Live By:
Crossfit: “The Magic is in the MOVEMENTS, The Art is in the PROGRAMMING, The Science is in the EXPLANATION & The FUN is in the COMMUNITY”-Greg Glassman
Life: “Everything happens for a reason, and though you may not understand it right now, you will eventually.”
Current Personal Mantra: “Do more of what makes you happy, F everything else!”
Favorite Movie:
White Christmas..or any old black and white movie for that matter. 
Favorite Music:
Dave Matthews Band 
Frank Sinatra
Favorite Food:
Mashed Potatoes hands down! Otherwise really any good home cooking always hits the spot. 
Favorite WOD:
Filthy 50- Just have to get down and dirty and grind it out! 
Personal Goals:
Take one adventure at a time. 
I’d love to say my goal is to worry less but if these last 9months of pregnancy have taught me anything it’s that you can never not worry a little. So I want to focus on being in the present every single day. No two days are the same and you have but 24 hours to piece each moment together to create something so special. Not everyone gets that freedom or opportunity.   
Professional goal:
I want to continue to grow, learn and develop my business and skill set to share with others. This next year will be about balancing my drive to be out in the community locally and regionally documenting adventures while having my little one in tow.  
CrossFit Goal:
Keep form in the fore front of all my work. Stay humble but driven. Keep setting small goals to accomplish in the bigger picture of a WOD or movement. But what I’m looking forward to most is seeing how the work I’ve done for the last 9months has developed me physically and mentally for accomplishments post pregnancy. 
Hobbies and interests:
Anything that gets me outdoors obviously and staying active because I don’t sit still well…hiking, running, backpacking, snowboarding, camping and golfing with my hubby of course. If I’m stuck inside I’m usually baking or scheming for a future travel plans. 
Some days it’s just remembering where I put my car keys or if I put deodorant on when I left the house…..
It’s not perfect but what I’m most proud of is my relationship with my with my husband. He’s allowed me to always stay true to myself in my career, crossfit and through this process of growing our little nugget. 
Something we don’t know about you:
Some day I’d like to be a AGMA certified backcountry split board guide. 
Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit:
Check your ego at the door when you walk in. Everyone started somewhere and uses CrossFit for different reasons. Don’t give up or give in, just ask for help and be patient with yourself. I’ve never been in a place where you can walk in the door just to do something for yourself but be apart of something bigger.