When and how did you get started with RCF

I started Rushmore Crossfit in April of 2014.  Shelly Pfisterer asked me if I’d do it with her.

Occupation:   I was once a high school speech/debate teacher, but now I own and manage Skyemad Properties.  I have apartments and commercial properties.

Age:  54

Favorite WOD: I like WOD’s with situps and kettle bells, everything else is hard!  But I like all of them once they’re done!

Favorite MovieI love movies.  So many.  One favorite is “It’s Complicated”

Favorite Food: Pork Carnitas Tacos (ask me and I’ll give you a great recipe)

Goals (personal, professional, and CrossFit): 

Personal:   I’m going to lump all of these together.  I love having an active lifestyle and I want to continue to hike, surf, and crossfit for many more decades.  My husband and I love to travel and I am lucky that I can do my job from anywhere.  I want to remain healthy and have fun.


What time do you usually attend and what’s the best part about working out with that group  I love working out at the 8:30 time.  Everyone is so friendly and supportive.  I’m much more motivated to work out in the morning.  I have great respect for those that workout after a long day at work.

What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?  Crying Laugh Face

What’s the first CD you ever bought  Wow, that was a long time ago.  My favorite singer when I was in high school was David Bowie (and it was a cassette, not CD!)

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google? What can I do to get rid of wrinkles around my mouth. LOL.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?  Sunflower Yellow.  I just love that color and it makes me happy.

What is something we don’t know about you?   I took up surfing when I turned 40.  Since then, I have surfed in the following places:  California, Oregon, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit:   Really commit to coming regularly the first month.  You’ll be super sore and maybe intimidated by the weightlifting, but after one month you will be hooked.