When and how did you get started with RCF?


I decided to give RCF a try in February of 2018.  It turned out to be a great move and I am so happy I did.  Owners, Coaches, and members are truly amazing.

Occupation: Chief Operating Officer Pioneer Credit Counseling and Owner of Super Clean Car Wash

Age: 53 years young

Favorite WOD: If I had to pick one it would be Annie, (50,40,30,20,10 D/Us and situps for time) but anything cardio is fun for me.

Favorite Movie: All of the James Bond movies with Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall).

Favorite Food: Meat Lover’s thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut.


Personal: It’s pretty special being a Father of 3 adult children (ages 29, 25, and 20) and still being a guy they like to hang out with and being able to discuss all the things that life throws at them.  (relationships, applying for new jobs, applying for mortgages, or buying their first brand new car)  They ask for my help and their mother and I mostly just listen.  They usually end up with the right decisions they just need reassurances.  My goal is to always have this kind of relationship with my kids.  PRICELESS!

Professional: To educate as many people as possible regarding personal finance and to be the car-wash KING of Rapid City.

CrossFit: To qualify for CrossFit regionals in 2020 when I turn 55.  But first I probably better get ring muscle ups, butterfly pull-ups and butterfly chest to bar.  Throw in working on some pistols and handstand push-ups. Whew, what am I doing filling out this questionnaire when I have so much work to do?

What time do you usually attend and what’s the best part about working out with that group? I usually attend the CrossFit workout at 6 a.m. and have been attending the Monday, Wednesday barbell classes.  The people that attend the 6 a.m. classes with me are AWESOME human beings and they tolerate my stupid jokes in the mornings.  The 6 a.m. class just about has all the morning coaches “broke in” and we are getting them just where we want them.

What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab? Thumbs up

What’s the first CD you ever bought? This might sound funny but I don’t think I have ever purchased a CD.

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google? How many grams of protein in a hard-boiled egg. (6 grams if your curious)

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? Fire Engine Red because red is my favorite color.

What is something we don’t know about you? I am an instrumented rated private pilot.

Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit:

  CrossFit is exactly what you have been looking for.  Give CrossFit at least 60 days.  Pick a class time that fits your schedule and commit to attending.  If it’s 2 days a week great, if it’s 3 days a week even better.  It takes 60 days to form new habits or break old ones.  The hardest part of CrossFit is walking thru the gym’s door.  Once you’re there the magic will happen with the help of your WOD partners.  There is no shame in scaling the workouts.  I am still scaling workouts like a BOSS!  Finally the cure for being sore from CrossFit is more CrossFit.  COMMIT to the process……the results will be amazing.