Member Since: June 2016
Occupation: Student, Senior at Stevens High School
Age: 18
Favorite Quote: Keep Trying
Favorite: Movie: How to Train Your Dragon II
Favorite Music: Elvis
Favorite: Food:  Pizza
Favorite WOD: Box Steps
Personal:  Finish School and someday have an apartment with a weight room and a disco ball.
CrossFit:  20 push ups
Achievements: 3 Varsity Letters and gaining self confidence to work independently.  
Hobbies and Interests:   Swimming, drawing, dance, power-lifting, Cross Fit and RUSH Hockey.  
Something we don’t know about you:  Performed in 2 plays through Black Hills Works “OSITY” and “ABLE” that will be televised on SD PBS.
Advice to new members or someone looking to start CrossFit:  Practice Practice Practice