Hi I’m Dan Ulmer and proud to be a Rushmore CrossFit member! In 2009, two weeks after completing the Dakota 5-O, a fifty mile mountain bike race I suffered my first heart attack. I recovered quickly due to my physical condition and my heart was clean and ready to go.. My doctor said keep doing what you’re doing. So, I did. I kept riding my bike and exercising at home. I have 2 sports I love to do and they are riding my bike and back country skiing. October of 2014 I bit the bullet and walked into Rushmore CrossFit to get stronger and to help me in biking and skiing. With the great trainers they have whipped me into a physical condition that I have never been in my whole life. I have always been a very active person, but this was a huge improvement to my physical condition. Just walking felt better. What I didn’t know is that it actually prepared me for something else. On July 16th, 2015 on my 49th birthday I had my 2nd heart attack the Anterior MI (The Widow Maker) while I was riding my mountain bike. It turned out to be the fight for my life and thank God a friend was with me to help me out of the woods. I survived something most people don’t and I had 2 doctors standing over me telling me I made it due to my physical condition. Preparing for the Five-O and working out at Rushmore CrossFit played a major role in surviving. I am now back in the gym and found a 3rd favorite sport and I can say Life is Good!! Thanks Rushmore CrossFit for all your help from before to especially now!!